What Is The Lie About Life You Keep Telling Yourself??

An Innovative Program to Gain Back Control Over Your Life. Your Marriage. Relationships. Family. Friends.

Your physical fitness. Your body.

Because no matter what, you’re always leaking power in one area.

We are going to take you on a journey that’s going to change everything about the way you see life. From one-dimensional success to having it all.


Created to bring balance and unification in every area of your life.

1 OUTCOME: Having it All.

Successful Men and Women

An elect group of successful businessmen and -women. Living through the same challenges of life. Marathonman.me will pass beyond the limits of traditional consulting, coaching and mentoring. No superstar shows. No woolly gizmo. We work through the physical demands of running. You will get the 3 1/2 days full immersion all inclusive Marathonman.me Life Event. 4 one on one pre-Life Event Prep Sessions. A 90 Days followup program.

Gain Back Control

Connecting with your true self will free your power and capacity for creation and transformation. At the Marathonman.me Life Event we will teach you how. You will be hitting your thresholds. You will be pushed and tested to your limits in the way you see life as you know it. One outcome: a life of having it all.

It is Neither a Fast Fix Nor It’s Easy

When your body changes, your mind changes. This clarity and confidence leads to success in every dimension of life. It is neither a fast fix, nor it’s easy. It is a journey. Into your self, your soul, your body, your relationships, marriage, family and friends. When you reconnect with your soul, your true self will surface. This will free your power and capacity for creation and transformation. This will free your ability to be successful in every area of your life.

Shutting Off Your Dysfunctions

You're running to shut of your day-to-day addictions and your dysfunctions. To reconnect and reclaim all the wasted energy and put it where it needs to be. When you're running you discover your silent inner voice. You will discover the silence whispering the truth. It will tell you how to become REALLY successful.

The Right Fit

We only work with an elect group of successful entrepreneurs and business men and women. Find out if this program is the right fit for you and hit the blue button ONLY when:

»You like to run; or you used to like it;
»You run/ran 4 miles in less than 42 minutes without any physical problems;
» You keep PUSHING but you’re NOT making the progress you want;
» There is ALWAYS this FEELING there must be more;
» You CAN’T GET your HANDS on what’s actually happening;
» It’s like you PLATEAUED and reached your LIMIT;
» You feel DISCONNECTED from people you work with, your team, your friends;
» Like LOOSING your business, your marriage, the body you once had;
» It feels like you’re loosing YOURSELF.

» You have the power to escape but you don’t know how. You want new Visions. Insights. A new Reality. Models. Tools.

» You are ready to pass beyond limits. Invest in time and money. The All Inclusive Marathonman.me Life Event Program (12 participants, 4 pre-Life Event one-on-one sessions, 3 1/2 days Life Event, 90 days followup program, our venue) for just $ 5750 (Early Bird Pricing; regular pricing $ 7950). Or, the Exclusive, Individual 100+ Hours Marathonman.me Coaching Program from $25.000 (any location; all inclusive).

# Days Left to Marathonman Week January 2017