Finish your marathon better than ever, no more time-consuming wear and tear 18+mile long runs, accumulated fatigue problems, and a highly reduced risk on endurance related injuries.


THE 9-MILE MARATHON Training System


Most classic coaches will tell you need 18+mile long runs to build confidence. On a regular -weekly- basis. To ‘harden’ yourself and to find what it is to ‘hit the wall’. I don’t agree. It is the opposite actually. I’ll explain to you why and how. And share the proof.

I developed The 9-Mile Marathon training system to allow you to successfully run a marathon (or half-marathon) without the weekly wear-and-tear long and slow training runs. The system is proven by thousands of Dutch runners (the root of the system lies in The Netherlands), my own running- and triathlon successes and all running students I have trained in the recent years. You will hear their stories as well.

Most ‘classic’ running coaches are skeptical. It is very difficult for them to acknowledge.

With the complete 9-Mile Marathon training system you’re all set and ready to start training ‘The 9-Miler Way’. You can start with the program anytime, in the middle of another training program (when it doesn’t deliver what you hoped for-), as a part of a run-walk training program (I’ll explain to you ‘how’ you can do this later), or even during off-season ‘calm’.

My system contains very accurate marathon finish time prediction tables based on max 9-mile training runs.

I have NOT developed The 9-Mile Marathon with elite sub 3-hour marathon runners in mind, but for all of you who want to run a solid marathon and half-marathon in a healthy & responsible way. For the marathon I think this is between approx. 3 and 5 1/2 hours. For run-walkers you can safely add half an hour. You will also receive more background information on why I designed this new training system, how the system works, physiological, metabolic, mentally.

I’ll explain to you why those weekly 18+ -mile training runs are THE MAIN REASON for runners to fail.




In the fully revised 3rd edition, The 9-Mile Marathon training system offers FULL AND HALF- marathon training schedules and revised formulas to calculate your optimal marathon heart rate MHR. With the complete 9-Mile Marathon training system (the core is an 82-page, pdf format download, time prediction tables, training schedules, background information and the 9-Mile Marathon Workbook V3) you’re all set and ready to start running The 9-Miler Way – Learning the secrets of running marathons successfully with less training miles through AFA (Accumulated Fatigue Avoidance) and ESS (Energy Supply Switch)

  • NEW (1) > Revised DAY-by-DAY training schedules based on max 9-mile training runs
  • NEW (2) > Now also HALF-marathon training system with day-by-day schedules
  • NEW (3) >Test protocol new formula to find your marathon and half-marathon training heart rate sweat spot
  • NEW (4) > Revised Finish time prediction tables for both full and half marathon
  • NEW (5) > WORKBOOK to train and teach yourself with step-by-step guidance
  • NEW (6) > FREE (optional-) Weekly Motivational Video Training Program (you will see me in action personally)
  • NEW (7) > FREE (optional-) Monthly Live Online Group Q&A Sessions (again with me personally)

Your ‘long’ training runs are just 9 miles.
At max. They are the cornerstone of The 9-Miles Marathon system. On a very specific heart rate. Your personal marathon heart rate MHR. You will run all of your ‘long’ training runs AND the marathon at this very specific individual MHR. The 9-Mile Marathon training system provides a detailed test protocol (with a training video) to define your personal MHR.

With The 9-Mile Marathon Training System:

    • You will not build ANY accumulated fatigue;
    • You will feel VITAL and energetic from start to finish;
    • It’s easy to keep MOTIVATION UP and high during the full 90-Day prep time;
    • Your personal LIFE won’t be dominated by training overload;
    • NO PANIC when you miss one or two training’s, just relax and keep going;
    • LESS CHANCE to get injured;
    • Your body’s METABOLIC energy supply SYSTEM will dramatically improve;
    • No more sugar cravings; you feel like your ENERGY lasts FOREVER;
    • Already after a couple of Weeks in the 90-Days prep period you will feel VERY powerful;
    • By the END of the 90-Day prep time you will feel READY for race day!


The 9-Mile Marathon is a serious alternative to the ‘classic’ way of endurance training. Whether it’s your first marathon, or your fifth. I truly believe that for most marathon runners– who live a busy life and run their marathon between 3 and 5 1/2 hours– my new approach has HUGE value to offer.

In The 9-Mile Marathon I explain to you how the system works, what it takes and how you can start running marathon this way today.  Order the full system now and do what thousands of other runners already did.

Marlies at the World Championship Ironman 70.3 Award Ceremony

When you want running to be an integrated part of your life, without dominating it, The 9-Mile Marathon training system may be the best way for you to prepare yourself for your next ‘big event’.

Marlies Kort
~ Founder and creator of The 9-Mile Marathon Training System
~ Winner of the New York Marathon 2013 Female Overall Non-Pro (time: 2h52m)
~ World Champion Ironman 70.3 2015 F40-44
~ Winner of Ironman 70.3 F40-44 Miami (2014), Puerto Rico (2015), Panama (2016), Cartagena (2016), Aruba (2016), Boulder Colorado (2017)
~ Track record holder of the Aruba International Half Marathon 2016
~ Winner KLM Curacao Marathon 2016 Female Overall (time: 3h03m)
~ Track record holder of KLM Curacao Marathon 2016
~ 5th Place Rotterdam Marathon 2017 Dutch Females Overall (time: 2h57m)
~ Qualified competitor for the 2017 World Championship Ironman 70.3 F40-44 in Tennessee USA