Marlies Nicoline Kort

Bastiaan F. Zwaan

Last year Marlies became F40-44 World Champion Ironman 70.3 (1.9km Swim, 90km Bike and 21km Run). Earlier on she won the New York Marathon overall ladies in the non-pro category in a record time of 2h52. Marlies, born in The Netherlands, mother of two daughters, lives with her partner and coach Bastiaan Zwaan in CuraƧao, one of the former Dutch Antilles in the Carribean. At this paradise island, with it’s ideal climate and setting, Marlies practices her trainings and coaching and teaches hundreds of athletes and business men and women from all over the world to unlock their true potential. Marlies studied Architecture and Business and is co-founder of the movement.

In 2007 Bastiaan sold his internet company. From then he dedicated his life to research of life fulfillment and happiness and his deeply rooted attraction to the question why some succeed and others not. Through Marlies Bastiaan picked up running and triathlon and found triathlon and running to be like the metaphor for fulfillment and having it all. The program initially wanted to give athletes the insights and the tools to become a better athlete, now the program passing beyond the limits of traditional consulting to build a multi dimensional life of having it all through the discovery of the true self and physical demands of running. Bastiaan has a Phd in Industrial Design and Business.


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