The #1 SECRET On How To Boost HAPPINESS In The Rest Of Your Life.

You are on this Page with a PURPOSE. You want to be MORE than a Successful Business Owner. Your Marriage. The Relationship You have with your Kids. Your Social Life. Your Physical Fitness. To Live a Life NOT just measured in Dollars. A Life of ‘HAVING IT ALL’.

MARATHONMAN.ME is an Unconventional Program. It’s NOT an Easy Fix. It is a Science, a Code. Life Happiness. Trough the Physical Demands of Running.



Answer these Questions to see this program is the right fit for you. We cannot accept every application. The more direct you are in your answers, the bigger the chance you end up in a conversation with master coach Marlies Kort.

1/12- Are You a Man or a Woman?*
2/12- On a scale from 1-10 (1 = Horrible 10 = Beyond Exceptional) where would you rank your BODY (overall in both the way you look and feel)? *
3/12- How many miles do you run without any physical problems?*
4/12- Are you a self employed "BUSINESS OWNER"? (you control your monthly income?) *
5/12- Are you hitting your business goals (income, sales, profit, team, market position etc) *
6/12- Are you married, a family life, relationship or are you living with a person for more than 2 years?*
7/12- On a scale from 1-10 (1 = Horrible 10 = Beyond Exceptional) where would you rank your marriage, relationships, family, friendships (overall)? *
8/12- How many hours per week is truly time for yourself (apart from sleep), time you spend on personal growth and development (like running, reading, school, fishing, music, meditate)?*
9/12- Which of the two TRIGGERS compelled you to APPLY? *
10/12- Why is it an ABSOLUTE MUST for you to Level Up your Life at this time.
11/12- Describe the TRIGGER in your own words that came up for you from the information such that it had you choose to APPLY? *
12/12 Assuming we get in touch and we agree this program is the right fit for you (4 one-on-one 1 hr prep coaching sessions, the FULL IMMERSION all inclusive LIFE EVENT here with us at the tropical Royal Dutch Kingdom Island of Curaçao + the 90 Days Follow Up Integration Program). Are you ready to double down on yourself and invest time and $7500 to secure your seat?*
# Phone (any) I want you guys to get in touch with me in the next 24hrs:

Hi. My name is Marlies Nicoline Kort. Master Coach. World Champion Ironman 70.3 F40-44, Busy Mum of Two, Co-Founder and Owner of Free and Focused Personal Development and Coaching and Co-Founder of the Life Event Program. 

In the video you are listening to Bastiaan Zwaan. We created together. is a group of successful business men and women. We're peers. Brothers. Sisters. We all share the same challenges of life.

We are here to live a life that's not just measured in dollars. The truth is, there is a life of 'having it all'. A passionate life. We want that. It is the multi-dimensional life. Not just the money, the business, the recognition from outside. It is a life measured in the quality of your marriage, family, friends, the relationship with your children, your physical fitness, your personal certainty and confidence, your spiritual fulfillment.

You are on this page with a purpose. Because you want to be more than a successful business owner. But you know the reality. Whatever you do, you’re always leaking power in one area of your life. You have to keep a pulse on what’s REALLY going on inside. If not, you'll start DRIFTING AWAY no matter what:

-There is ALWAYS this FEELING there must be more;
-You keep PUSHING but you’re NOT making the PROGRESS you want;
-You CAN’T GET YOUR HANDS on what’s actually happening;
-You REALIZE the SAME ISSUES coming up OVER AND OVER again;
-It’s like you PLATEAUED and reached your LIMIT;
-You feel DISCONNECTED from the people you are with;
-You may even be DISCONNECTING from your kids and spouse.

Now here's the deal. It's TIME for you now to go ALL IN. The MARATHONMAN.ME program has just ONE GOAL. Having it All. We will teach you how to get there. WE WANT you to GAIN BACK CONTROL over your life. Starting today.

At MARATHONMAN.ME, we got it DOWN to a PREDICTABLE and REPEATABLE science…. A CODE. We are going to take you on a JOURNEY. We are going to change EVERYTHING about the way you see life. The POSSIBILITIES you can create. From one-dimensional success to having it all.

An innovative program to live a marriage that's on fire with passion. To have connection, joy, deeply fulfilling intimacy. Instead of just "tolerating" each other. Or simply settling with a 'good marriage' - and not a great one.

To being a present, loving, connected parent to your children. Instead of feeling guilty about being 'too busy' to be there for them.

To having a 'weaponized' strong body you feel confident, powerful and healthy in.

To living a life deeply rooted with a sense of certainty, purpose and spiritual fulfillment.

So you’re almost to the finish line. When you fill out the short application my encouragement for you is to be real, honest and as direct as you can be. The more real and the more relevant your answers are the higher the chance is your gonna end up in a pre event prep conversation with me.

We’re going to guide you and serve you to finding your way to the beaches and the lagoons here at Curacao with us. A 3 1/2 Days Life Event that has the power to change everything about the way you see life with just ONE outcome: HAVING IT ALL. So when

HAVING IT ALL is important to you too (instead of just living a one-dimensional life),
You want to be part of this ELECT group of MEN and WOMEN,
You want to KEEP THAT PULSE on what’s REALLY going on inside,
You have this STRONG DESIRE to reconnect and reclaim all the wasted energy and put it where it needs to be,
You KNOW you don’t want to be limited to ONE-dimensional SUCCESS,

Then the NEXT SIMPLE STEP is right here. It is to BEGIN completing the application that will lead to having a first call. 

I'm looking forward to it.

With love,
Marlies Nicoline Kort

PS. As you go through the information keep watching and listening to the video. All members of our team, who appear in the documentary, the team you are going to meet, are men and women who have gone through the same process you have. Who joined us here at the beaches of tropical Curacao in the very early stages of our program. Throughout the Life Event, some will be here with us and you’re gonna hear THEIR words too.

One on One

4 intense one on one coaching sessions. Before you enter the Life Event. With Marlies Kort and Bastiaan Zwaan. You Talk. We Listen. We Ask.

You Run

4 miles. Then 6. Then More. No Limits. The Metaphor. Body. Mind. Soul. Certainty. Confidence. Discover The True Self. Unlimited Power.

Life Event

Participate. The Life Event. 3 1/2 days all-inclusive program. Full Immersion Experience. Our Venue. You Go All In.

90 Days

90 Days Post Life Event followup program. Your Commitment. Transformation. And You will Run. We guide you through.

The men and women of the first Life Event. Who have gone through the same process you have. Who joined us here at the beaches of tropical Royal Dutch Kingdom Curaçao. In the very early stages of our program. During the program, The Life Event, some will be here with us and you’re going to hear their words.



Successful Men and Women

An elect group of successful businessmen and -women. Living through the same challenges of life. will pass beyond the limits of traditional consulting, coaching and mentoring. No superstar shows. No woolly gizmo. We work through the physical demands of running. You will get the 3 1/2 days full immersion all inclusive Life Event. 4 one on one pre-Life Event Prep Sessions. A 90 Days followup program.

Gain Back Control

Connecting with your true self will free your power and capacity for creation and transformation. At the Life Event we will teach you how. You will be hitting your thresholds. You will be pushed and tested to your limits in the way you see life as you know it. One outcome: a life of having it all.

It is Neither a Fast Fix Nor It’s Easy

When your body changes, your mind changes. This clarity and confidence leads to success in every dimension of life. It is neither a fast fix, nor it’s easy. It is a journey. Into your self, your soul, your body, your relationships, marriage, family and friends. When you reconnect with your soul, your true self will surface. This will free your power and capacity for creation and transformation. This will free your ability to be successful in every area of your life.

Shutting Off Your Dysfunctions

You're running to shut of your day-to-day addictions and your dysfunctions. To reconnect and reclaim all the wasted energy and put it where it needs to be. When you're running you discover your silent inner voice. You will discover the silence whispering the truth. It will tell you how to become REALLY successful.

# Days Left to Marathonman Week December 13-16th 2016