Life Event

The Life Event is a FULL IMMERSION 3 1/2 days experience running from Tuesday afternoon to Friday Evening.

It is the most LIBERATING week you ever experienced. An innovative program that goes beyond traditional life coaching. Through the physical demands of running you discover the true version of you. You learn and implement the tools to gain back control. To reconnect and reclaim all wasted energy and put it where it needs to be. The success of your business will no longer cloud your vision. You can be successful in every area of your life.



The outcome is the new YOU who lives closer to your TRUE self. This clarity and confidence leads to success in EVERY dimension of your life. YOUR ability to HAVING IT ALL.

We only work with an elect group of successful business owners. Men and women. Click the button below to find out this program is the right fit for you.


You Run

4 miles. Then 6. Then More. No Limits. The Metaphor. Body. Mind. Customized Transformation.

One on One

4 intense one on one coaching sessions. Before you enter the Life Event. With Marlies and Bastiaan.

Life Event

Participate. At the Life Event. 3 1/2 days all-inclusive program. Full immersion experience. You Go All In.

90 Days

90 Days Real Life environment to test everything you learned. And You will Run. We guide you through.

# Days Left to Marathonman Week December 13-16th 2016