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Winning Ironman 70.3 F40-44 World Championship; Awards Ceremony

My name is Marlies Kort. Ironman 70.3 World Champion 2015 in the Female 40-44 class. In 2013 I won the New York Marathon non-pro female overall in 2h52. As much as I love training and competing, I also love coaching —it’s my passion! I’m Dutch born and bred, and now live on the beautiful sunlit island of Curacao, where I train and coach runners and triathletes from all over the world.


In 2016, while on a trip back home to The Netherlands, I discovered a radical new training system. The essence is to RUN LESS TRAINING MILES. And to run most of your long runs at marathon pace. Which is faster than the classic slow 18+ mile long-runs. At a very specific heart rate. Quite different from what traditional coaches tell you to do today.

It’s true. You’re free to run the long runs if you want to, but you don’t HAVE to.


Thousands of Dutch runners already tried the new system. At local races and at big events like the Rotterdam Marathon. Successfully. Unanticipated for many. A running society upset.

Today, I want to share it with you. I call it The 9-Mile Marathon.


So your ‘long’ training runs are just 9 miles. At max! On a very specific heart rate. Your personal marathon heart rate MHR. You will run all of your ‘long’ training runs AND the marathon at this very specific individual MHR. It is the cornerstone of The 9-Miles Marathon method.

With The 9-Mile Marathon training system:

    • You will not build ANY accumulated fatigue;
    • You will feel VITAL and energetic from start to finish;
    • Your personal LIFE won’t be dominated by training overload;
    • NO PANIC when you miss one or two training’s, just relax and keep going;
    • LESS CHANCE to get injured;
    • Your body’s METABOLIC energy supply SYSTEM will dramatically improve;
    • No more sugar cravings; you feel like your ENERGY lasts FOREVER;
    • Towards the end of the 90-Days prep period you will feel VERY powerful; READY for race day!


Second lap of the tropical KLM Marathon 2016. Night run. Ladies overall winner and course record: 3h03. Grueling conditions; 84F and 200m elevation.


In The 9-Mile Marathon fast-reading pages I am going to arm you with insights, evidence, background information, new visions, schedules and tests you can do yourself that will help you understand why and how you can run the marathon in this totally new way.

The 9-Mile Marathon is a must read for anyone who is into running. Not only it is successful, it’s fun—a lot more fun than the classic training recommended by most traditional running coaches.


The 9-Mile Marathon is a serious alternative to the ‘classic’ way of endurance training. Whether it’s your first marathon, or your fifth. I truly believe that for most marathon runners– who live a busy life and run their marathon between 3 and 5 1/2 hours– this new approach has HUGE value to offer. The 9-Mile Marathon allows you to train and run marathon as an integrated part of your life, without dominating it.


In The 9-Mile Marathon I explain to you how the system works, what it takes and how you can start running marathon this way today.  Order the full system now and do what thousands of Dutch runners already did.

FROM $78 FOR $47


Today, thousands of runners in The Netherlands adopted this new system and run the marathon, some even faster than they ever did, without the burden of the classic long runs based training schedules.

“Which makes me happy. Which makes me want to further develop the concept and spread the word. I want you to experience the results of using the new insights and techniques I am going to share with you. Experience how your running grows, develops. To experience the thrill of running and running the marathon in a happy and healthy way.

How? By putting the principals of The 9-Miles Marathon into action. I know both worlds. I trained my entire career the ‘old fashioned’ way. If one day you finish your marathon and you dedicate a small percentage of your success to what I have taught you today, I feel like I have succeeded as well.”

Marlies Kort

My Thursday evening running class where it all started:

With my Thursday Running Group

Niek: ““ I ran six half marathons and they all went quite heavy. I never thought I could run a full marathon this way”.

Below are the stories of five Dutch runners who did the 2016 Rotterdam Marathon with the new Dutch training method. Their stories were published in the Dutch RUNNER’s WORLD 2016 June edition. They call themselves The Stone City Runners. Klaas (51), Miranda, Diana (both 42), Niek (53) and Ysbrand (54). For Klaas, Miranda, Diana and Niek this was their first marathon ever. Niek ran 2 marathons before.

First they determined their personal marathon heart rate with the test. They all committed to stick to it; it is the cornerstone of the method. For Diana the training didn’t go really well because of an injury. The first weeks she frequently had to skip training. She didn’t want to push and risk any further damage. She only managed to complete ¾ of all trainings. But those trainings she did she actually did exactly according to the schedule at her personal MHR. Compared with ‘regular’ training schedules, she would have done less than 50%.  Substantially less miles than what she used to run, especially for a first timer. Thankfully, along the way, in the second half of the training period, she got better and she managed to run most of the scheduled trainings at MHR.

On the other hand Miranda was able to follow the schedule very precise. Total number of training miles, types of trainings and heart rate MHR were close to perfection. Klaas, Niek and Ysbrand all followed the scheduled trainings but not as precise as Miranda. Sometimes they had to skip one of the trainings because of a little pain, a cold or a busy social/work schedule. But all ‘n all they managed to do most of the trainings according to the schedules.

Niek and Klaas couldn’t always control themselves and they ran a couple of trainings faster than they should. Or they ran more than 9 miles, mainly in the second half of the training period. Klaas ran a couple of trainings more than 12miles, even without being an experienced marathon runner. It was just that he felt he could do it so he did. Ysbrand followed the schedule quite close and did not do any runs substantially longer than 9 miles.

For each of them the training schedule felt very good and they all stated it wasn’t difficult to integrate the training program into their busy lives.

At race day Diana finished very well, even a bit faster than expected. Although she didn’t do all trainings due to her injury, the precise running at her MHR seemed to pay off. Same with Ysbrand who precisely followed MHR and the scheduled trainings during the entire training period. Ysbrand too managed to finish happy and healthy, negative split and even quicker than scheduled. Miranda, who followed the schedule most precisely, finished almost exactly at her scheduled finish time. She didn’t experience any difficulties along the way.

Niek and Klaas did the classic mistake to start a little too fast inspired by the masses and the energy you feel when you are part of a 17,000 crowd. Halfway the race they were back on track and they managed to run at the pace they did most of their trainings. Towards the end of the race both Niek and Klaas had to slow down a couple of times. Maybe because of their fast start? Or maybe because of the trainings they did at a faster pace and a longer distance than scheduled?

What struck most was the happiness they all experienced at the finish. What Niek commented was typical. “ I ran six half marathons and they all went quite heavy. I never thought I could run a full marathon this way”.

KLM Marathon 2016 Winner Podium

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